Karbo releases mobile wallet for Android

Karbo, first CryptoNote coin that is not a fork of Monero has released its independently developed mobile wallet. This is a standalone wallet application that holds private keys and wallet files on the device. It is a so called “light wallet” that works with Karbo network through remote nodes and does not store blockchain data on the phone. Thanks to this, wallet is ready to use upon installation and rovides nice user experience and convenience. Now Karbo users have the ability to pay and get paid using their smartphones with QR codes or NFC. The payments are fast, simple and cheap.

The development team created wallet from scratch with significant updates to CryptoNote core code to make it compatible with Android OS and ARM processor architecture.

This is an important milestone for Karbo, as it aims to be a cryptocurrency for the masses, actually used as the medium of exchange and not just a speculative instrument.

Karbo ecosystem already has a payment gateway for merchants, online open marketplace and Telegram chat where people actually sell and buy goods for KRB. There are already a handful of merchants accepting Karbo. The mobile wallet will definitely bring Karbo one step closer to all people, including non tech-savvy users, enabling them to use Karbo on the go.


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Written on February 14, 1018